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Why does PE protective film have residual glue

by:Skypro     2021-04-12
With the continuous improvement of the economic level, our consumption level also increases. Therefore, many products used in daily life will pass through exquisite packaging, and PE protective film will be used more and more because of the use of commodity packaging It can improve the added value of goods in people's minds. Generally, there are exquisite cartons, wooden boxes or metal materials for packaging. As a flexible packaging material, PE protective film is also a very convenient packaging material in the packaging industry.

But in many cases, in order to protect the product from contamination during transportation or handling, PE protective film is used on the product to cause degumming. What is the reason? So Okugawa Shun summarized a few points Reasons:

1. Changes in peel strength with time

Although the product itself looks very smooth to the naked eye, there are still tiny holes distributed, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive also has fluidity, especially In the part of the polymer that has not yet been crosslinked. Therefore, as time continues to increase, although a lot of effort is used to press the product to be pasted, some of the small holes are still not in contact with the PET protective film, and the pressure-sensitive adhesive will gradually take a long time. Penetrate into the small holes on the surface of the product, so sometimes when the PE protective film is peeled off, the glue will fall off on the surface of the protected product.

2. Similar compatibility mechanism

Because acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is a material with relatively large polarity, it is easily compatible with materials such as polyester and polyurethane, so the PET protective film is removed Difficulty. If there is a greater force between the surface of the protected product and these small molecules, then the PE protective film will easily remain glue on the protected surface when it is released.

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