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What to do if the conveyor belt runs off

by:Skypro     2021-04-02

What is belt conveyor belt deviation? Let's take a look with the editor of Zhongluo! In the operation of a belt conveyor, the center line of the conveyor belt deviates from the center line of the conveyor and shifts to one side, which is called belt deviation.

Analysis of the reasons for the deviation of the belt conveyor belt: the installation quality has a great influence on the deviation of the belt, and the deviation of the belt caused by the installation error is difficult to deal with.

1. Deviation caused by installation error

1) Belt joints are not straight: the tension on both sides of the conveyor belt is uneven, and the conveyor belt is biased to the side with higher tension. In this case, you can adjust the tension on both sides of the drum or steering drum to eliminate it. If the adjustment still fails, you need to reconnect the conveyor belt connector.

2) The frame is skewed: The frame skew includes the skew of the center line of the frame and the height skew on both sides of the frame, both of which can cause serious deviations and are difficult to adjust. If the center line of the conveyor is skewed and the nose and tail are aligned, if the deviation cannot be corrected, the frame should be reinstalled.

3) Uneven pressure on both sides of the rubber plate of the guide groove: Due to the uneven pressure of the rubber plate, the running resistance on both sides of the conveyor belt is inconsistent, causing the conveyor belt to deviate. In this case, it is relatively easy to handle. It is enough to adjust the pressure of the rubber plates on both sides.

2. Conveyor belt running deviation

1) The deviation caused by the jam of the idler and the idler: After the belt conveyor has been running for a period of time, due to the stickiness of the ore, part of the Mineral powder will stick to the rollers and rollers, which will cause the conveyor belt to deviate and cause uneven tension on both sides of the conveyor belt, which will increase the local diameter of the roller or roller.

2) Deviation caused by uneven distribution of ore: If the conveyor belt does not deviate when idling or under heavy load, it means that the ore is unevenly distributed on both sides of the conveyor belt. The uneven distribution of ore is mainly caused by the incorrect direction and location of the falling ore. If the ore tilts to the left, the conveyor belt will move to the right; vice versa.

3) Deviation caused by vibration when the machine is running: the belt conveyor will inevitably produce mechanical vibration during the operation. The faster the running speed, the greater the vibration, and the greater the possibility of belt deviation.

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