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What should I do if the conveyor belt is damaged?

by:Skypro     2021-04-03

   After long-term use, the conveyor belt will be more or less damaged. This problem should also cause a lot of people to feel a headache. What should I do when the belt of the conveyor is damaged? I will give you a brief description below.

  First of all, the conveyor belt runs off-track during operation, causing damage:

  1. The position of the material on the conveyor belt is wrong.

  2. Improperly tensioned conveyor belt.

  3. Conveyor belt with irregular seams.

  Secondly, the conveyor belt is broken:

  1. Foreign matter is mixed into the conveyed material, and the foreign matter is hard and angular.

  2. Conveyor belt with weak connection.

  3. The roller bracket caused scratches on the conveyor belt. In the case of the conveyor's idler roller defect

   In addition, the conveyor belt cracked:< /p>

   1. The conveyor belt has many bending times, which is limited by the size of the space to a certain extent.

  2. Under the action of heat flow, the joint will produce more than two heat flows due to various reasons.

  3. The conveyor environment is not suitable.

   When the above phenomenon occurs, the operator should immediately stop the operation of the equipment, analyze and check the cause. If it is caused by the transportation environment, you should first understand the transportation environment and choose the appropriate transportation method according to the characteristics of the conveyor belt; if it is caused by the transportation environment, the equipment should be adjusted and debugged; if the conveyor belt technology is caused, the transportation should be handled. The belt should be repaired. If the repair is not serious, replace the conveyor belt with a new one to avoid recurring damage and cause greater economic losses to the enterprise.

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