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What kind of glue is applied to the PET antistatic protective film when it is glued?

by:Skypro     2021-04-13
The PET substrate is not sticky. We apply a layer of glue on the PET antistatic protective film to make it sticky. There are many choices of stickiness, including high viscosity, medium viscosity and low viscosity. There are also many kinds of viscosity. The grammage is available for customers to choose, so how is the PET antistatic protective film glued during the production process?

In the coating production, there are many types of glue. The first is that the silicone glue has relatively high transparency and has relatively stable adhesion when the viscosity is low. The pattern shape can save time and effort when attaching and peeling; the second is that acrylic glue can also be coated, and the price is relatively low, mostly used for PET protective film; the third is that the PET antistatic protective film can be coated with acrylic glue, A glue series that is more widely used in the market now. It can be compounded with silica gel to form AB glue, which has strong viscosity.

When preparing the PET antistatic protective film, you need to prepare the following related materials: platinum catalyst, glue, additives, and use relevant experience to prepare the relevant standards to avoid mixing glue for production in unfamiliar situations. Otherwise, the PET antistatic protective film substrate will be scrapped, the glue will be wasted, or the protective film will have incorrect adhesion.

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