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What is the effect of the aging phenomenon of rubber conveyor belts

by:Skypro     2021-04-04

   The production and processing of the current industrial industry is basically machined production. For the conveyor belt, the rapid development of production efficiency has been brought to the development of the industrial industry. In many industries, the conveyor belts used are based on their own For conveyor belts that require custom processing, many conveyor belts are conveying tools on large-scale assembly lines, such as rubber conveyor belts, but also industrial belts made of cyanide rubber, which can be used as food conveyor belts. It will not deliver some packaged food such as bags, bottles, cans, etc. This kind of conveyor belt, like other conveyor belts, will also experience aging after a long period of time. What is the impact? The editor of Zhongluo will introduce to you.

  1. The influence of heat: increasing the temperature can cause the cracking or thermal crosslinking of the rubber. It is a common phenomenon of aging.

  2. The influence of light: the less the light wave, the greater the kinetic energy. Ultraviolet rays with higher energy that destroy rubber. Ultraviolet rays have the effect of heating. Another characteristic of the function of light (not the same as the function of heat) is the growth of the rubber surface. For specimens with high glue content, there will be cracks on both sides of the network structure, that is, 'light surface cracking'.

  3. The influence of oxygen: Oxygen produces free radical chain reaction in the rubber and the molecular structure of the rubber, and the molecular structure chain is broken or excessively cross-linked, resulting in the change of rubber properties.

  4. Mechanical equipment stress: The process of the conveyor belt roller and the mechanical equipment stress friction will cause the rubber molecular structure chain in the rubber food conveyor belt to be broken and converted into free radicals, causing oxidation chain reactions. Generate mechanochemical processes. The oxidation process of mechanical equipment activity and mechanical breaking of molecular structure chains. Which one can prevail depends on the environment in which it is located.

   5. The effect of moisture: The effect of moisture has two levels: rubber food conveyor belts are easily destroyed when wet gas is exposed to rain or soaked in water. It is because of the clean water genes in rubber. And water-soluble chemicals and other components are extracted and melted by water. The soaking and the replacement of air exposure caused by hydrolysis reaction or absorption will accelerate the destruction of rubber.

What is the impact of    on the aging of the rubber conveyor belt? The editor has introduced it here. I believe everyone will understand after reading it. Conveyor belts have brought rapid development to the manufacturing industry in the industrial industry. The maintenance of conveyor belts also needs to be done well, because if the conveyor belts are not well maintained , There may be various problems, which will affect the work process, so you also need to understand the relevant knowledge of the conveyor belt when using the conveyor belt. If you don’t know anything, you can consult our online customer service.

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