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What is the difference between PE protective film and PET silica gel mesh protective film?

by:Skypro     2021-04-12
The main component of PET protective film is polyethylene, which is a harmless chemical material. This material is relatively soft and has a certain degree of extensibility. The elongation ranges from 150-300%, which can achieve different effects for different purposes. Its biggest advantage is that the product will not be polluted, corroded, or scratched during production, transportation, storage and use. Protect the original glossy surface of the product, thereby improving the quality of the product and the competitiveness of the market. The product is mainly used in the surface protection of aluminum-plastic panels, metal surfaces, plastic panels, furniture, stone, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, home appliances and other products.

The PET silicone reticulated protective film is made of plastic film as the base material, coated with a low-viscosity sub-sensitive adhesive on one side, and then cut into a roll. This material is relatively hard and scratch-resistant, and is used to protect LCD screens, mobile phones, and digital cameras from scratches during use and achieve the effect of covering screens. PET silicone reticulated protective film is mainly suitable for surface protection of plastic molding, hardware board materials, electronic materials, auto parts, etc., effectively preventing wear, scratches, dust, etc.

PET silica gel mesh protective film has good light transmittance and smoothness, easy to tear, no glue residue, can be applied repeatedly, does not leave traces, does not corrode the product, and has a good display effect.

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