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What is a belt conveyor?

by:Skypro     2021-03-31

Product description:

Belt conveyors, also known as belt conveyors, conveyors, etc., are economical equipment that is indispensable to form a rhythmic logistics transportation. Conveyor belts are used to continuously or intermittently convey various items of different weights, and are widely used in various industries such as household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, post and telecommunications, printing, and food. They can not only convey all kinds of bulk materials, but also convey all kinds of small weight items such as cartons and packaging bags, and have a wide range of uses.

Strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and can realize program control and automatic operation. . The continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor is used to transport materials below 100KG or powders, particles and other items, with fast running speed, smoothness, low noise, and can be transported up and down.

The conveyor line can be selected according to the process requirements: general continuous operation, cycle operation, variable speed operation and other control methods;

Choose according to local conditions: straight, curved, ramp and other line forms;

The structure of the conveyor includes: trough conveyor, flat conveyor, climbing conveyor, rotary conveyor and other forms. The conveyor can also be equipped with elevators, skirts and other accessories , Can meet various technological requirements. Both sides of the conveyor belt are equipped with workbenches and lamp stands, which can be used as conveyor belt production lines for electronic instrument assembly and food packaging.

In addition to ordinary horizontal conveying, belt conveyors can also be made into rotary, inclined, large inclination with baffle type (large inclination belt), variable amplitude, rollover, etc. according to the conveying requirements Various types of modern industrial enterprises, such as: logistics, food, daily chemical, mining, fertilizer, coal and other industries.

Key features:

It has a large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, standardized parts, stable conveying, no relative movement between the material and the conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to the conveying band. Low noise, suitable for quiet working environment. Its structure is simple and easy to maintain. Low energy consumption and low use cost.

The belt conveyor materials include rubber, silica gel, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and other materials, which can not only be used for the transportation of ordinary materials, but also meet the transportation requirements of special materials such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-static. . Food grade conveyor belts are suitable for the special requirements of food, medicine, daily chemical and other industries.

The structure of the conveyor belt machine includes: trough conveyor belt machine, flat conveyor belt machine, climbing conveyor belt machine, turning conveyor belt machine and other forms. The conveyor belt can also add lifting baffles and skirts. And other accessories, can meet various process requirements. There are workbenches on both sides of the conveyor belt, which can be equipped with light stands, which can be used as the assembly line of conveyor belt equipment for electronic instrument assembly and food packaging.

The belt conveyor belt is driven by a geared motor drive and an electric drum drive.

The speed control methods of belt conveyor are: frequency conversion control, stepless control.

The frame rod includes: carbon steel, aluminum profile, stainless steel.

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