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What are the types and performance of PET protective film?

by:Skypro     2021-04-09
We often see protective films in our lives. Speaking of protective films in everyone’s brains, what are the characteristics of these protective films in our daily use? According to classification See how they can be divided into several types:

If PET protective film is divided according to its purpose, we can use it in the production process or storage process of die-cutting, electronic products, hardware products, and automobiles. And products with surface protection during transportation can prevent the product from dust or other external pollution.

From the material of the protective film, we can be divided into polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene and other materials. When purchasing the protective film, customers can customize the width, thickness and viscosity of the protective film according to their own product needs. , In order to achieve the goal of lowering the manufacturing cost of the enterprise and raising the production efficiency of the enterprise to a higher level.

According to the glue system, we can be divided into polyurethane, acrylic, silicone and acrylic. Most of the PET protective film is made of organic silica gel and acrylic glue.

According to the market, it can be divided into the traditional protective film market, the touch screen protective film market and the high-end protective film market. Most of the traditional protective film market uses protective films for products with low precision. For example, on acrylic sheets, peelings, or plastics, PET protective films have gradually been used in the mobile phone screen market after continuous transformation and upgrading, and there are strict precision requirements in terms of thickness or viscosity, otherwise it will cause serious losses to the company. The high-tech market is now gradually using PET protective film for protection, which requires very high requirements and very high quality, such as the use of PET protective film on graphene heat sinks and nanomaterials. Therefore, companies must continue to develop while continuing to develop. Only by improving our own production quality can we better fight against other enterprises.

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