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What are the functions of oil-resistant rubber sheets

by:Skypro     2021-04-02

What are the functions of the oil-resistant rubber sheet? Oil resistance generally refers to resistance to non-polar oils: fuel, mineral oil and synthetic lubricants. Rubber is classified according to oil resistance (polar rubber): CR, NBR, HNBR, ACM, AEM, CSM, FKM, FMVQ, CO, PUR. Classification of non-oil resistant rubber (non-polar rubber): NR, IR, BR, SBR, IIR, EPR, EPDM.

Fuel resistance

Fluorine rubber FKM and fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ have the best resistance to fuel oil. The chloroprene rubber and chlorinated polyethylene rubber CPE have the worst fuel resistance. The fuel resistance of nitrile rubber increases with the increase of acrylonitrile content. The fuel resistance of chlorohydrin rubber is better than that of nitrile rubber.

Mixed fuel resistance

Fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ and fluoroelastomer FKM have the best resistance to mixed fuel oil. Acrylic rubber has the worst mixed fuel resistance. The mixed fuel resistance of nitrile rubber increases with the increase of acrylonitrile content. Fluorine rubber with high fluorine content has better stability to mixed fuel.

Acid oxidation fuel resistance

For acid oxidized fuel, the hydroperoxide in acid oxidized fuel can deteriorate the performance of vulcanized rubber, so the nitrile rubber and chlorohydrin rubber commonly used in fuel systems cannot meet the requirements of long-term use. Only fluoroelastomers such as fluoroelastomer FKM, fluorosilicone rubber FMVQ, fluorinated phosphazene and hydrogenated nitrile rubber have better performance. Ordinary nitrile rubber compound cannot work for a long time in acid gasoline at 125 degrees. Only the low-sulfur-sulfur donor activated by cadmium oxide and the nitrile nitrile rubber with white carbon black as the main raw materials can be better resistant to sour gasoline. Increasing the content of acrylonitrile can reduce the permeability of sour gasoline.

Mineral oil resistance

NBR is a commonly used mineral oil resistant rubber. The mineral oil resistance of nitrile rubber increases with the increase of acrylonitrile content. But the high acrylonitrile content of nitrile rubber has limited heat resistance. When the oil temperature reaches 150 degrees, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber FKM, fluorine silicone rubber FMVQ and acrylic rubber should be used. When the oil temperature reaches 150 degrees, fluororubber FKM and fluorosilicone FMVQ have the best effect. However, the cost is high. In order to reduce the cost, it is possible to incorporate less than 50% of acrylate rubber into the fluororubber FKM, and the performance of the vulcanized rubber after combined use is not more than 20%. Acrylic rubber has better mineral oil resistance than nitrile rubber, and ethyl acrylate rubber has better heat oil resistance than butyl acrylate rubber.

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