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What are the die cutting processing methods for PET anilox protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-15
With the continuous development of the protective film industry, the economy of many related industries is also rising, such as the die-cutting industry, the diffusion film industry, and many related companies that need to use silicone transparent PET anilox protective film, because with the economic rise and With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the precision requirements for products are getting higher and higher. So in the die-cutting process, what is the role of the transparent silicone PET reticulated protective film?

In die-cutting manufacturing, the production method of transparent silicone PET anilox protective film is generally flat die-cutting. First, die-cutting diagrams are required, and then the die-cut sheets are manufactured, and then installed The liner is then subjected to die-cutting work, and finally waste discharge work. There are three most commonly used methods for determining die-cutting diagrams:

1. Drawing method: This method of determining die-cutting diagrams is generally used on relatively simple geometric figures, which is based on the size of the photo on the plywood. For graphics drawn with related instruments and measuring tools, this method of determining the die-cutting diagram is mainly for convenience, but this method will produce relatively large errors, and there will be inaccurate registration after die-cutting.

2. Film pasting method: This method is generally used when the graphics are more complicated. The copied film is pasted with a transparent silicone PET reticulated protective film, and then cut and formed by a die-cutting machine.

3. Proofing method: Proofing method can be divided into two ways: on-machine and off-machine proofing, which are often used on complex parts. Under-machine proofing is that the employees print the pictures and texts on the silicone transparent PET net-grain protective film, and then paste them on the plywood. The on-machine proofing can accurately reflect and collage pictures and texts. Before proofing, use free time to stick a piece that reflects the shape of the graphic on the plate cylinder. Then make the printing plate inked.

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