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Wear analysis of belt conveyor belt

by:Skypro     2021-04-04

   conveyor belt is the core component of belt conveyor. It accounts for about 30% to 50% of the total cost of the belt conveyor. It is expensive and is both a traction component and a bearing component. Once it becomes thin due to wear and tear, the conveyor belt will shorten its service life, run off the belt and decrease its strength.

   This article puts forward some maintenance measures based on actual production, and analyzes the wear patterns in different situations.

  01, the wear between the conveyor belt and the feed chute mouth

The close contact between the feed chute and the conveyor belt is the main manifestation of conveyor belt wear. Its design and installation Conveyor belt wear has a great effect.

  Wear reason

  a) The material has an impact on the conveyor when feeding, which will cause strong wear on the conveyor belt; especially when the angle between the material and the conveyor belt is When greater than or equal to 90°.

  b) The material guide plate is in contact with the conveyor belt too tightly, and the material is scattered, which will wear the conveyor belt;

  c) The material contains long and hard objects, which are stuck in the feed The conveyor belt may be worn or torn

  maintenance measures

  The structure design of the feed port should meet the following conditions to minimize the feed port conveyor belt Wear:

  a) The running direction of the feeding and conveyor belt is the same. During the feeding process, the moving speed of the material is almost the same as that of the conveyor belt;

  b) In order to make the impact of the conveyor belt as small as possible, the equivalent free fall height of the material on the conveyor belt is less than 1m;

  c) The feed chute is equipped with a strip screen, which can make fine materials fall on the conveyor belt first and provide a strip screen for large materials;

  d) To make the material continuously fall into the center of the conveyor belt, a reasonable chute and guide trough can be designed;

  e) The width of the baffle of the guide trough is narrower along the conveyor running direction. In addition, the guide trough should be extended to the speed of the material to reach the speed of the conveyor belt;

  f) The feed section should be kept level, or the slope should not be greater than 8°, and a buffer roller or centralized arrangement trough should be installed Type roller.

   In addition, the chute and the material guide should be fixed firmly to make them correctly positioned on the conveyor belt, and the bottom of the material guide should not be too close to the conveyor belt.

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