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The source manufacturers of PET protective film talk about the characteristics of high temperature resistant protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-09
PET high temperature resistant protective film is a kind of PET protective film, also known as high temperature resistant polyester protective film, which can withstand high temperatures up to and including 180 degrees. The product has high-quality characteristics such as non-toxic, odorless, strong flame resistance and not easy to damage.


Excellent process performance, organic chemical characteristics, specification reliability, transparency and recyclability. Low temperature resistance (-70), high temperature resistance (200), corrosion resistance, stable shrinkage

Good transparency and gloss; excellent sealing performance, moderate water resistance, low moisture permeability at ultra-low temperature and high physical properties

The product has high-quality features such as non-toxic, odorless, strong flame resistance, and no damage.

Application fields:

Mainly suitable for optical films, diffusion films, backlights, nameplates, films and prism films, especially suitable for ITO conductive protective films

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