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The reason and solution of PET protective film adhesive transfer

by:Skypro     2021-04-08
There are many factors for the transfer of PET protective film glue. I believe that many colleagues will also encounter the same situation at work. Today, the reasons and solutions for the transfer of the protective film are summarized. The phenomenon of sticky transfer is collectively referred to as the residual sticky displacement of the surface in uneven coating and transportation.

The glue transfer of PET protective film can be divided into the following three situations:

1. Cohesive failure: the adhesion of the profile surface and the substrate surface, the gloss loss of the protective film coating surface

2. Damage to the adhesive base: there are more adhesive residues on the surface of the profile, and the base material is visible on the adhesive side of the protective film.

3. Transmission residue: a small amount of adhesive remains on the surface of the profile, and the protective film adhesive remains well luster.

Cause analysis and protective measures:

Quality problems in PET protective film production technology, substrate (PET) and raw materials (bonding) have caused deterioration.


1. Improving technology and perfecting science and technology are quality assurance. The process requirements for coating production include binder ratio, binder amount, binder uniformity, curing agent ratio, uniformity of curing agent dispersion in the binder, mechanical speed, temperature setting, drying effect, etc.2, improve the quality of the adhesive. For example, the use of high gel fraction adhesives, the use of long-carbon chain acrylate monomers to increase the degree of cross-linking with the product copolymerization or bonding technology; add specific ultraviolet absorbers, optimize the prescription and adhesive production to reduce ultraviolet aging Process to improve the heat resistance and low temperature resistance of the adhesive.

3. Improve the surface tension of aluminized PET film. PET itself is a polar material, and there is a certain tension on both sides, and the tension value gradually decreases over time. The corona processor performs electrical activation processing online to improve the bonding force between the PET substrate and the adhesive.

4. Improve the crosslinking degree of the adhesive. By improving the adhesive formulation, increasing the proportion of crosslinking agent, etc., the cohesive force can be improved.

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