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The performance of BOPET protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-11
1. BOPET protective film has very good physical properties, its tensile strength is 9 times that of PE film, good stiffness, stiffness, and folding resistance;

2. It has good air (oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor) barriers It is a mid-range insulation material;

3. It has good electro-optical characteristics, good clarity, and high brightness;

4. The application environment temperature range is wide (-60~120℃, short time can be Up to 150℃);

5. Electrical equipment has good insulation performance, which is an E-class insulating material;

6. Odorless, odorless, resistant to grease and general chemical corrosion;

7.BOPET The protective film is an environmentally friendly material, recyclable and recyclable.

All in all, the overall performance of BOPET protective film is good, but there are also some shortcomings and shortcomings:

1. General polyester film cannot be directly heat-sealed;

2. Barrier The performance is not too satisfactory;

3. The temperature resistance is not very high;

4. The clarity and brightness of the film for unique uses need to be improved in an all-round way;

5. Not resistant to ultraviolet radiation;

6. Not resistant to hydrolysis;

7. Can not meet some unique functional standards, such as flame retardancy, anti-static, etc.

With the continuous development and growth of social economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the standards for packaging products have become higher and higher. For example, the standards include high barrier properties, high temperature resistance, high light transmittance, high brightness, low haze, anti-ultraviolet radiation, flame retardancy, heat-sealability, applicable food hygiene and safety standards, and so on. Obviously, the general BOPET protective film can no longer fully meet these standards, so it is necessary to realize the necessary improvement of BOPET protective film from different directions according to different application industries.

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