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The key factors in the production of PET reticulated protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-20
The viscosity and other rheological properties of pet anilox protective film adhesive are the properties that affect the coating behavior of the surface protective film. According to the dependence of viscosity on the shear rate, fluids can be divided into three types: Newtonian fluid, swelling body and pseudoplastic body; According to the change of viscosity and shear time, fluid can be divided into Newtonian fluid, thixotropic body and rheological body . The more the rheological properties of the adhesive deviate from the Newtonian fluid, the more likely various quality problems will occur during the coating operation, especially when the adhesive exhibits the properties of an expanded body, because its viscosity will vary during the coating process. As the coating speed increases, it increases rapidly.

The key to the production of pet textured protective film is to select the appropriate coating method and coating machine according to the coating performance of the protective film and the specific requirements of the protective film, and determine the operation of the coating machine Various process parameters.

Coating adhesives requires a lot of mechanical force, so the faster the coating speed, the more difficult it is to obtain a uniform coating, and due to excessive force, it often damages the substrate and even the doctor blade. When the adhesive exhibits thixotropy, the leveling of the adhesive layer during coating is very poor, and therefore it is difficult to level a smooth adhesive layer.

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