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The difference between Pet protective film acrylic and silicone

by:Skypro     2021-04-11
There are many types of PET protective film. According to the material, there are pet acrylic protective film and pet silica gel protective film. However, the acrylic glue and silicone protective film of the PET protective film are both based on the pet polyester film. Although the glue is different, the difference between the two is still very big. Let’s introduce you to everyone, mainly focusing on the performance. And the difference in application scenarios.

1. Differences in performance and application scenarios

Because the silicone protective film has the function of automatic exhaust, the high temperature and low temperature performance is better than the acrylic protective film, so the silicone protective film is usually suitable Stick on the glass surface or mirror products.

The acrylic protective film is usually used for product packaging of high-gloss products and as a membrane switch. This is a cheap and simple film.

2. How to distinguish between PET silicone and acrylic protective film simply and directly

The easiest way is to scrape the rubberized surface of the protective film with a nail. If there is no glue and powder, it is silica gel, otherwise it is acrylic glue Therefore, we usually call silica gel as powder-free glue.

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