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The demand for PET reticulated protective film in the screen protection industry will continue to increase

by:Skypro     2021-04-15
With the continuous improvement of people’s economic life, large-screen mobile phones and tablets have also attracted most consumers to buy. Compared with the previous button phones, the replacement frequency of mobile phones is becoming faster and faster, and in order to be more refined To protect their mobile phones, basically everyone will choose to put a film on their mobile phones. Therefore, with the continuous replacement of mobile phones and the large demand for protective films, the demand for PET reticulated protective film in the electronic product industry will also become greater and greater. . Now there are many functional protective films, such as frosted, anti-static and anti-scratch protective films in various forms, so why PET textured protective film has always been used as the material of choice for electronic product manufacturing protection?

First, because the PET anilox protective film uses silica gel electrostatic adsorption, it has the function of electrostatic adsorption, so it is more convenient to attach in the process of production and use, and it can be easily separated and used. The maximum viscosity of the PET anilox protective film will not cause residual glue on the surface to be bonded. In addition, the PET reticulated protective film also has a certain degree of hardness, which can protect the surface of the protected product; second, the PET reticulated protective film has the characteristics of non-polluting, and the light transmittance is very high; third , The material is easy to process, and the manufacturer can realize different functional characteristics on the original film according to the customer's needs to meet customer requirements, such as die-cut protective film, mirror film, antistatic protective film and other functional films.

In, it is a manufacturer of PET textured protective film. The film has the characteristics of mesh, which makes the lamination and peeling very convenient and fast, which not only saves labor costs, but also saves production. time.

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