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Symbol, packaging, transportation and storage of rubber sheet

by:Skypro     2021-04-02

Symbol, packaging, transportation and storage of rubber sheet

1. Significant symbols should be printed on both ends of the industrial rubber sheet, including: symbols, trademarks, manufacturer name, production date, and a product certificate. The product certificate should include symbols, production date, and inspector Code etc.

2. Industrial rubber sheets should be bundled in rolls and placed in a packaging bag or box, and the rubber sheet symbol, production date, factory name, factory address and quantity should be marked on the packaging. Each package usually does not exceed 60Kgs.

3. Industrial rubber sheets should be kept clean during transportation and storage, and should not be touched with oils, acids, alkalis or other substances that damage their quality, and prevent direct sunlight. 4. The industrial rubber sheet should be stored upright, the temperature is -15 ~ +35 °C, the relative humidity is 50% ~ 85%, and it is 1M away from the heat source.

5. Under the condition of abiding by the rules and regulations, since the date of production, within a storage period of not more than one year, its quality function shall conform to the rules of this specification.

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