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Standards produced by PE protective film manufacturers

by:Skypro     2021-04-12
1. Protective function

As a packaging product, the protective function of the PET protective film manufacturer for the product is extremely critical and the most basic function. If the plastic film fails to play a safe and reliable protective function for the packaged products, causing the product to be destroyed or falling in price, then it will lose its practical value as a packaging product. There are many protective functions of plastic film for products. Different products and different packaging methods have different emphasis on the protective function of plastic packaging film.

2. Mechanical equipment protection function

to avoid product leakage in the packaging bag or external chemical substances entering the packaging bag to destroy and contaminate the product. Immediately reflect the technical indicators of the protective function of the mechanical equipment of the PET protective film manufacturer, mainly the mechanical hardness of the film structure, such as tensile strength, fracture hardness, falling impact hardness (dropping impact) and puncture resistance hardness, etc.

3. Excellent electric welding welding hardness

Electric welding welding hardness is also a necessary condition for plastic film bags to protect products safely and reliably. If the welding hardness is insufficient, welding will become a serious shortcoming of plastic film bags, because the welding cracks and the packaging bag loses the protective function of the product.

4. Barrier properties

The barrier properties of the protective film produced by the PET protective film manufacturer refer to the characteristics of the plastic film to avoid the penetration of O2, CO2, N2 and other air and its fragrance, water vapor and other chemical substances. When determining the standard, it usually refers to the blocking of non-polar air such as O2, CO2 and N2. The effect of plastic film on the product is very closely related to the transparency, haze, gloss, anti-static property, and packaging printability of the film itself. It must be highly valued with sufficient transparency and haze.

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