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Specific introduction of rubber conveyor belt

by:Skypro     2021-04-04

  The rubber conveyor has the characteristics of heat-resistant belt, wear-resistant belt, burn-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, heat-resistant belt, and cold-resistant belt. Careful inspection of the conveyor belt and timely adjustment during normal operation is one of the important measures. In addition, some transformations must be carried out. Let's take a look at the specific introduction of rubber conveyor belt with the editor of China Transportation Industry:

  1. Install the restrictor plate in the tail guide trough. The necessary condition for the normal operation of the tube belt conveyor is that the instantaneous flow rate is not more than 300t/h. In the above analysis, the instantaneous flow rate reaches 400t/h, which is an important reason for the tube expansion and belt turnover. In addition to strengthening coordination and supervision, the necessary improvements are actively carried out to prevent a large amount of coal from flowing into the pipe belt conveyor in an instant. Therefore, the rubber conveyor belt is equipped with a restrictor plate at the exit of the guide groove at the end of the machine. The flow area of u200bu200bthe restrictor can only be determined after many tests. If the volume is small, it will affect the normal transportation; if the volume is large, it will lose the current limiting function. After the restrictor was installed, the expected effect was achieved and major hidden dangers were eliminated.

  2. Add a set of pinch rollers to adjust the angle of the guide pinch rollers. In order to ensure the reliability of the guiding and pressing belt, two sets of guiding and pressing rollers are set before the tape round tube is formed. The inclination angle of the two sets of belt press rollers should be different, but there should be a slope. The inclination angle near the tail should be larger, and the inclination angle of the other group should be smaller. The specific inclination angle should be determined according to the site conditions, and the principle is to ensure the smooth transition of the grooved tape to the circle. In order to prevent accidents (such as sudden damage to a set of pulleys or loose fixing bolts that cannot effectively press the edge of the tape), a set of pulleys is added on the side close to the tail wheel. This increase in cost is very low, but the reliability of the conduction band is close to 100%.

  3. Expansion section, for a tube belt conveyor with a diameter of 250 mm, the general design requires that the minimum length of the expansion section is not less than 6.25 meters, and the actual length of the field expansion section is about 7 meters , It is impossible and unrealistic to keep the overlap in the ideal position. Once the tube is over-twisted, the overlap will be far away from the ideal position. Due to the short unfolding section and insufficient cushioning, the round tube tape will enter the drive drum before unfolding, causing the belt to turn over. When the site location permits, the length of the unfolding section should be appropriately extended, which is conducive to the stable operation of the rubber conveyor belt.

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