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Selection skills of tensile layer material for rubber conveyor belt

by:Skypro     2021-04-01

   Rubber conveyor belts are generally composed of overlay rubber, primer and skeleton material. The skeleton material is a stretched layer, which can further improve the compression resistance of the products in the rubber conveyor belt and extend the service life of the conveyor belt. At present, most manufacturers of rubber conveyor belts choose to mix reclaimed rubber to reduce costs, and select appropriate skeleton materials to improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber conveyor belts; then, in actual production, what materials will be used to 'strengthen' the tension of rubber conveyor belts. Where's the stretch?

   fiber material

   nylon mesh conveyor belt, canvas core conveyor belt and integral core conveyor belt are common types of conveyor belts. These conveyor belts use fiber materials to process the stretched layer of the conveyor belt, which significantly improves the mechanical strength of the rubber conveyor belt and suppresses the deformation of the rubber conveyor belt. For example, short fibers can increase the rigidity of rubber products in a certain direction by controlling the fiber orientation, and provide better reinforcement performance and processing performance for the production of rubber products. Short fiber orientation reinforced conveyor belt is one of the typical applications.

   There are many kinds of fiber materials. Different types of fiber materials have different effects on rubber. Rubber conveyor belt manufacturers can select suitable fiber materials to process the stretched layer of conveyor belts according to their own needs.

  Metal materials

  I believe we are no strangers to steel cord conveyor belts. It is a rubber conveyor belt lined with steel wire rope. It has the characteristics of good impact resistance, low elongation, good flexibility and high tensile strength. It can transport materials over long distances and at high speeds. The tensile layer material is a steel wire rope core and belongs to one of the metal materials. Many rubber conveyor belt manufacturers also use metal materials as the skeleton material of the conveyor belt. Commonly used are steel wire rope traction conveyor belts, steel mesh conveyor belts, etc., and steel wire is the most commonly used.

  Metal materials and fiber materials are commonly used materials for the stretch layer of rubber conveyor belts. Rubber conveyor belts with fiber materials as the stretching layer are generally suitable for short-distance physical transportation, and conveyor belts with metal materials as the stretching layer are generally suitable for long-distance, high-speed material transportation. The rubber conveyor belt manufacturer chooses the appropriate material to process the stretched layer of the conveyor belt, which needs to be combined with the scope of use of the conveyor belt.

   At present, many rubber product manufacturers use appropriate amounts of recycled rubber when producing conveyor belts to reduce production costs. The editor of China Transportation Industry will emphasize that when using recycled rubber in rubber conveyor belts, it is necessary to reasonably control the amount of recycled rubber. According to various indicators of recycled rubber, timely adjust the production formula of each layer of rubber conveyor belt containing recycled rubber. In order to ensure the quality, reduce more production costs as much as possible.

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