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Rubber Flooring in Your Home

by:Skypro     2021-03-20

Rubber flooring is an exciting alternative to vinyl or laminate flooring with a wide variety of colours and patterns available to suit nearly all tastes and requirements. The hard wearing nature of rubber flooring lends itself perfectly for home gyms or other rooms that see a lot of foot traffic. Rubber flooring has been used in all different kinds of commercial environments such as airports, gyms, cinemas etc. so you can be sure that your rubber floors will look and feel great years after it has been fitted. Childrens play areas are an obvious choice to fit your rubber floor tiles or sheet flooring and can help bring a playroom alive with bright colours and the super textured effects available.

Kitchens are another perfect location to fit a rubber floor. The natural busy footfall inherent in any modern kitchen means a hard wearing and easy to keep clean surface is always welcomed. From muted or pastel colours to retro reds and blues the hardest choice is choosing the perfect colour to either use the floor as a focal point or let it melt into the rest of the decor subtly without drawing attention to itself.

You are usually offered rubber flooring in two different types, tiles and sheet. Sheet is similar to the rolls of carpet you would expect to see in any carpet store and can be fitted in a very similar way. However you may decide to opt for the tiles which have the added benefit of less wastage (depending upon the shape of the floor) and maybe easier for you to transport and fit yourself. With rubber floor tiles you will usually notice more edges however this can be a benefit and add to the effect of the floor and can be hidden depending on the pattern you have chosen. You can also mix-up the tiles to create all different types of patterns and visual effects for the floor, black and white tiles work exceptionally well in bathrooms where colour rubber floor tiles can be mixed to your childrens delight.

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