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Reasons for residual glue in PET mesh antistatic film

by:Skypro     2021-04-16
When using PET mesh antistatic film, is there often residual glue? Today Okugawa Jun tells you the reason for the residual glue.

The first point: human factors, many people think that all protective films are the same, you can just stick one on the product. The antistatic protective film may seem simple, but it is not just a kind of film. There is a lot of professional knowledge in it. For example: in the case of high temperature film, need to use high temperature resistant antistatic protective film. When applying the film, it is necessary to keep the surface of the filmed product free of oil and other chemical residues, otherwise a chemical reaction will occur and cause degumming.

The second point: The reason for the glue. From the point of view of the pressure-sensitive glue residue on the protected surface and the substrate, there are three types of residual glue for the PET mesh antistatic film:

1. If it appears inside In the case of poly failure, the glue surface of the PET mesh antistatic film will lose its luster.

2. If the adhesive base is damaged, the protected product may have some residual glue on the surface during use.

3. If there is a migration residue, a small amount of pressure-sensitive adhesive may appear on the surface of the protected product.

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