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Processing technology of PET reticulated protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-07
PET reticulated protective film is favored by the majority of manufacturers. The following protective film source manufacturers will introduce the processing technology of PET mesh protective film.

1. The surface layer of the polyester film prepared by the corona;

2, use a coating machine to apply glue on the corona surface of the polyester film, and send the coated polyester film into the electric Oven;

3. Immediately fold the PET film in the electric oven into a parent roll;

4. Number the rolled parent roll and send the parent roll to the curing room for curing;

p>5. Send the cured parent roll to the multi-axis laminator for double-layer lamination according to the first-in first-out method. When laminating, first pave the polyester film on the parent roll without air bubbles, and then Another polyester film is attached to the non-bubble polyester film and bonded repeatedly.

The above is the processing technology of the PET protective film made by the protective film manufacturer.

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