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Problems and solutions in the use of PET antistatic anilox protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-16
Many customers of anti-static protective film feedback some quality problems to us, hoping that these problems can be solved. However, the problems encountered by each customer are different, so it is necessary to analyze the problem before formulating a plan.

1. The stickiness problem of PET anti-static anilox protective film. This problem may be caused by insufficient pressure-sensitive glue or insufficient pressure, and the surface of the product is not clean enough and so on. Need to change the pressure-sensitive glue or change the film pressure.

2. Customers are prone to warping at both ends after using the PET anti-static textured protective film, which usually occurs when the stretch is too large at high temperatures. Pay attention to the environment, do not stretch the protective film in a high temperature environment.

3. There is residual glue on the PET antistatic textured protective film. It can be wiped with a clean lint-free cloth dipped in alcohol. It requires attention, too much force, and it is easy to damage the surface of the product.

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