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PET silicone protective film is used as a coating material for the roof of a truck

by:Skypro     2021-04-18
Chen Bierui and others used pet silicone protective film as a raw material for covering the roof of a light-duty truck, and announced their invention on October 13, 2010. They used a hot roller laminating machine to pre-coat the pet silica gel protective film and combine it with the non-woven fabric to make a new type of film-coated non-woven fabric. The film-coated non-woven fabric is then combined to a board composed of PC board or hemp fiber board. The surface of this kind of covered canopy is smooth and beautiful. It is not easy to be destroyed and easy to clean. There is no industrial three wastes in the whole laminating process, which complies with environmental protection regulations and is suitable for product promotion.

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