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PET reticulated protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-17
Focus on the production of PET anilox protective film source manufacturers, will introduce in detail the PET anilox protective film, as well as the characteristics and application scope of the anilox protective film.

The difference between the mesh protective film and other protective films is that the coating method is different, and the mesh protective film and the mesh protective film appear.

1. Introduction

The mesh protective film is made of polyethylene mesh plastic film as the base material, cross-linked polyacrylic resin as the adhesive and several special additives. The thickness is 20-130mic, and the viscosity is micro, low, medium, and high. Generally divided into two kinds of anti-static, the colors are transparent, red and blue, etc. Due to different product models, the surface protection of materials is also different.

2. Features

The adhesive is soft, colorless and transparent, has good adhesion, is environmentally friendly, and has a wide range of applications.

3. Application scope

Stainless steel plate: mirror plate, frosted steel plate, color steel plate and hardware protection.

Aluminum: aluminum plate, rough aluminum plate, aluminum profile, frosted aluminum profile, coated aluminum profile, electrophoresis aluminum profile, coated aluminum profile, sandblasted profile, etc. Electronic and electrical equipment materials: light guide plates, electronic screens, instrument surfaces, automobile instruments, housings, etc. Surface protection of air conditioner and various household appliances, titanium sheet, etc.

Plastic plates: protection of organic glass plates, polyvinyl chloride optical plates, ABS optical plates, plastic plates, plastic boxes, etc. Protected by various stamping processes.

To sum up, the mesh protective film has good viscosity, safe and non-toxic materials, and a wide range of applications.

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