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PET reticulated protective film manufacturers talk about the cleaning of reticulated sticks (1)

by:Skypro     2021-04-15
Due to the unique dot structure, PET reticulated protective film has the advantages of easy bonding, easy peeling, fast exhaust, no air bubbles, etc., and has become a popular product on the market. As a good partner for die-cutting processing. A mesh wire rod is needed to make an anilox protective film, but during the coating process, the reacted adhesive will be deposited on the bottom and inner walls of the anilox. These adhesives are also difficult to transfer and clean. As time accumulates, it will seriously affect the amount of adhesive and will have a greater impact on the viscosity of the product. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the cleaning and maintenance of the reticulated stick!

Next, the manufacturer of PET reticulated protective film talks about how to clean the reticulated stick.

Cleaning the anilox roller:

(1) The anilox roller is based on the top-down principle, that is, the guide roller and rubber roller are installed first, and the anilox roller is cleaned last.

(2) Daily cleaning of the reticulated stick:

①Dip a cloth with ethyl ester to scrub, and then clean it with a thin copper brush. Repeat the above process several times;

②After cleaning the reticulated stick, wipe it dry with a dry cloth, and then dry it with compressed air; the reticulated stick should be packed with film and blanket to prevent collision.

(3) Regularly clean the reticulated stick:

After using the reticulated stick for a period of time, during the maintenance process, there will be a part of the cross-linked and solidified adhesive on the wall and the inner cavity, which is bonded The agent will not dissolve again under the action of ethyl ester, so it is impossible to clean these cured adhesives with ethyl ester.

Therefore, a special reticulated stick cleaner must be used to clean the cured adhesive. For specific cleaning methods, please refer to the specifications of different netted roller cleaners.

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