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PET reticulated protective film manufacturers analyze the influencing factors of bubbles in the protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-15
PET reticulated protective film is the most common die-cutting material in die-cutting production, but it is believed that many protective film manufacturers sometimes have bubble problems during the production process, which is very troublesome. The following PET anilox protective film source manufacturers take you to see the causes of bubbles in the PET anilox protective film:

Poor film wettability

Main reason: the slippery agent added by the manufacturer when manufacturing the film, The antistatic agent slowly penetrates into the thin film surface during storage, reducing the surface tension of the film; in addition, the corona treatment strength is not enough during the film processing or the storage time is too long, and the reduction of the surface tension is also important for the poor wettability of the film. the reason.

Low temperature leads to poor wetting

The main reason: due to low temperature, the liquid temperature of the main glue decreases, and the viscosity of the prepared glue increases, resulting in poor wettability. As the film is affected by low temperature, the poor fluidity of the glue after coating will lead to poor adhesion and poor wettability.

Insufficient coating

The main reason: the glue viscosity is too high or too low during coating, which causes insufficient coating.

The glue foams

The main reason: the temperature of the oven is too high and the glue foams.

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