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PET protective film manufacturers talk about the method of removing the residual glue of the protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-10
The emergence of PET reticulated protective film was originally to meet customers' requirements for product protection, but the residual adhesive of the protective film has become the most troublesome problem for customers and the packaging manufacturing industry, and it is also a key link in the quality report of the viscose manufacturing industry at this stage. The glue remaining in the protective film will not only cause environmental pollution to the surface of the product, but also greatly affect the appearance and aesthetics. So how to remove the glue remaining on the protective film? , The source manufacturer of PET protective film, tell you!

For laymen, how to remove the residual glue of the pet protective film?

Before tearing off the protective film, the customer uses a small amount of force to flatten the article, such as a paper tape, but pay attention to the carrying capacity of the article to be protected, which can improve the adhesion of the protective film to the surface of the article , So that when the protective film is torn off, the residual glue on the surface can be removed to the greatest extent.

If there is residual glue on the protective film, moisten the towel with a small amount of detergent, then shake it dry, and then scrub the surface of the block, there will be a certain practical effect of removing the residual glue. This method of removing residual glue on the protective film has a certain impact on the surface of moisture-proof objects such as laminated glass and plastic.

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