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PET protective film manufacturers talk about the factors causing the residual glue of the protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-16
The residual glue handling operation of PET reticulated protective film, the protective film source manufacturer has already introduced to you in the previous issue. In this issue, I will talk to you about the reason for the residual glue of the protective film.

Peeling force of protective film

The residual adhesive of PET anilox protective film is closely related to the peeling force of the protective film. The peeling force exceeds a certain tensile strength and peeling compressive strength. Each adhesive product has its own The degree of itself. If it is too easy to touch and the surface energy is high, the adhesive is likely to remain.

If you want to solve the problem of PET anilox protective film remaining, you should take the peeling force of PET anilox protective film as a foothold. The stronger the adhesive, the worse the peel strength. The lower the quality of the adhesive, the worse the peel strength.

Aging of the protective film

The old PET reticulated protective film is also a common cause of residual glue. More and more viscose products that have passed their service life are still circulating in the market, and the problem of accelerated embrittlement by sunlight will appear here. For consumers, there are only simple test pieces and no residual glue, and then mass production.

The heat resistance of the protective film

Finally, the heat resistance of the PET reticulated protective film. Bonding that exceeds the application temperature standard will result in residual glue.

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