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PET protective film manufacturers talk about the characteristics of PET acrylic protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-19
PET acrylic protective film has a wide range of uses, with high viscosity and low viscosity, and can be applied to many products at a slightly lower price. Therefore, when choosing an acrylic protective film manufacturer, you should fully consider whether the surface protective film has the following characteristics and whether it is suitable for the protected items.

1. The surface of the protected material is inert and will not react with it, nor will it corrode or contaminate the surface.

2. Acrylic protective film has good adhesion to the material to be protected, and the protective film will not warp or fall off during material handling and processing.

3. Acrylic protective film has good weather resistance and adhesion stability. After a few days or a long time, the peel strength will not increase significantly, and it is easy to remove. After removal, there is no glue remaining on the protected surface.

4. Acrylic protective film has good processing adaptability and meets the needs of deep processing of the protected object.

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