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PET protective film manufacturers talk about the advantages of silicone PET reticulated protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-10
Silicone PET reticulated protective film is a protective film made of pet as the base material and coated with a layer of silicone glue. It is mainly used for the protection of some plane processes, which can effectively avoid sticking during transportation and production. Caused by pollution and scratches.

The PET protective film manufacturer will explain to you the advantages of the silicone PET reticulated protective film:

1. The light transmittance is relatively high, and it is generally used to protect the surface of the display screen. .

2. Silicone protective film generally has a self-absorption effect and is suitable for some smooth and smooth surface protection, such as mirror glass, display screens, plastic shells, etc.

3. In addition, the silicone protective film also has the advantage of fast exhaust, so many people prefer to use this silicone protective film when sticking the screen, because it is not like an acrylic protective film, there will be a lot of bubbles when sticking ,Affect the appearance.

4. Silica gel is relatively stable, and there will be no residual gel under normal conditions. In addition, it also has a certain practical effect of heat resistance, and can be used for a long time in high temperature places.

5. Its acid and alkali resistance effect is also relatively good, which can be applied to some occasions that need acid and alkali resistance.

6. The glue of the silicone protective film is not powdery like the acrylic protective film, so its own cleanliness level is also very high.

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