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PET protective film manufacturers talk about silicone PET reticulated protective film glue test

by:Skypro     2021-04-10
There are 5 test methods for the glue of silicone PET reticulated protective film: 1. Smell: PET silicone protective film is odorless, and acrylic protective film has odor.
2. Squeegee surface: PET silicone protective film and PU protective film have no traces, and acrylic protective film can be scraped out of powder.
3. Release film test: draw a line on the release film with a water-based pen or a dyne pen, if it is linear, it will be a silicone protective film, if it is water droplets, it will be an acrylic or PU glue protective film . The principle is very simple. Generally, the original silicone protective film will be used as the release film directly, while the acrylic protective film and PU protective film need to be coated with a layer of silicone oil on the release film.
4. Touch release film: The release film of PET silica gel protective film will be astringent, while PU protective film and acrylic protective film will be slippery.
5. Exhaust performance: Silica gel has the best exhaust performance, PU glue is slightly worse, and acrylic has very poor exhaust performance.
6. Burning: Hang the glue on the surface of the PET protective film and burn it with a lighter. The gray of the silica gel is white, and the PU and acrylic will melt first.

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