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PET protective film manufacturers produce customized low-viscosity silicone PET textured protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-15
Features of low-viscosity silicone PET reticulated protective film:

1, high cleanliness, high light transmittance

2, reticulated dot structure, can disperse pressure, reduce the chance of impurity and crystal points directly on top of< /p>3, easy to fit, easy to peel, improve the efficiency of automated assembly, reduce the defective rate of products.

4. The glue system is silica gel, which has very stable viscosity and no residual glue is left on the surface of the product.

5. The cleanliness is excellent, and it is processed in a clean environment of class 1000

6. This type of product is metal , Plastic, glass and other pasted objects have suitable bonding strength and good retention performance;
7. The surface of the protective film is smooth and flat;
8. Weather resistance, heat resistance, acid resistance Alkali performance is good.

Product parameters of low-viscosity silicone PET reticulated protective film:

Viscosity: low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, high-viscosity

Thickness: 20-130um

Peeling force: 0 -100g

Color: transparent

Width: can be divided according to requirements

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