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pet protective film introduction

by:Skypro     2021-04-10
PET protective film丨丨Basic material introduction PET protective film is made of transparent PET film as the basic material, coated with self-absorption pu glue, silica gel and acrylic glue on the surface. It has automatic suction and exhaust function and excellent stability. Suitable for electronic products, glass lenses, liquid crystal glass panels, and display screens. The basic material is environmentally friendly PET. It is coated with PU glue, silica gel and acrylic glue to make it have low adhesion and long-term bonding, and after removal A high-temperature protective film that does not degummed. Product features: high light transmission rate, strong weather resistance, low adhesion and easy to tear, no glue residue, high temperature resistance. Product characteristics of PET protective film: high cleanliness, strict control of foreign objects; excellent adhesion to the substrate; no residual glue after being peeled off after pasting, and the product has strong light transmittance.

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