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PET blue film use and product characteristics

by:Skypro     2021-04-17
PET blue film product characteristics:

1. High light transmittance, good quality at the same time, to prevent product scratches

2. Reticulated dot structure, which can disperse pressure, reduce impurities and direct damage to crystal points Probability

3, easy to fit, easy to peel, improve the efficiency of automated assembly

4, independent research and development of glue, the glue system is silica gel, the viscosity is very stable, and there is no residual glue when it is torn off

5, easy Die cutting, very suitable for use in the electronics manufacturing and processing industry

6, excellent cleanliness, processing in a clean environment of class 1000

This product is also widely used, mainly around two products, graphene heat sink and lithium battery

1, graphene heat sink, which protects the graphene heat sink during die-cutting, and graphene The application of this product is also very wide, such as satellite circuit heat dissipation, LED lighting heat dissipation, mobile phone computer heat dissipation, medical equipment heat dissipation, laser weapon application heat dissipation, etc.

2, lithium batteries, in the process of die-cutting and punching Lithium battery protection. At present, the biggest application trend area is new energy vehicles. There are also generally mature electronic products such as household appliances, mobile phones and computers, as well as products such as navigation lights and street lights.

3. The electronics industry, in the die-cutting process Among them, the surface protection of various electronic and electrical components, such as explosion-proof film, mobile phone screen tempered film, liquid crystal display and other products.

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