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by:Skypro     2021-04-19
Product characteristics of PET antistatic protective film:

1, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, no electrostatic material migration phenomenon on the product surface

2, low viscosity, excellent antistatic, small change in adhesion with time after attaching, performance Long-lasting stability

3, excellent cleanliness, processing in a class 1000 clean environment

4, reticulated dot structure, can disperse pressure, reduce the chance of impurity and crystal dots directly hitting

5, Easy to fit, easy to peel, improve the efficiency of automated assembly, reduce the defect rate of products, and escort the product

6. Independent research and development of glue, the glue system is silicone, the product viscosity is very stable, and no residual glue is left in the product Surface

7, easy to die-cut, very suitable for electronic manufacturing and processing industry.

Product use:

1, in the photoelectric industry, in the die-cutting process, used in a variety of electronic optical materials Surface protection, such as light guide plate, diffuser, light-enhancing film, polarizer protection in mobile phones and computers

2, optical film surface protection, explosion-proof film, privacy film, OCA optical glue

3, electronic packaging , During the die-cutting process, it is used for the protection of various electronic and electrical components, such as LED lighting, mobile phone film, liquid crystal display, computer monitor and other products


1, free proofing< /p>2. Production according to customer’s specifications

3. Invoices are available

4. Home delivery in the surrounding areas of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, nationwide free shipping

5. One-month return package, Six-month quality guarantee

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