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PET antistatic protective film detection method (two)

by:Skypro     2021-04-08

The identification of PET antistatic protective film can be done in an easy-to-understand method,

A easy-to-understand identification method

The anti-static standard of the protective film is currently measured with a high-precision resistance measuring instrument. This simple method can be used to judge, which is convenient for work.

First, prepare anti-static PET protective film, anti-static PET protective film and smoke.

1. Put the cigarette ash on the wooden table.

2. Two-handed anti-static PET protective film, with a distance of 10 mm from the soot on the soot, the protective film does not smoke ashes.

3. Take the ordinary PET protective film, place the cigarette ash with a distance of 10 mm on the cigarette ash, and protect the film from smoking ash.

4. In fact, the principle is very simple, because the charged protective film will attract small things, which have been learned from the textbook physics. The method is very simple and convenient when there is no testing equipment.

Proposed the choice of polymer type antistatic agent, one is environmental protection, and the other is excellent performance. Reduce cost, improve antistatic performance, not be affected by humid and dry environment, no precipitation, stable resistance value.

Not all antistatic agents can be used. When choosing an antistatic agent, you should also consider its application fields and pay attention to the choice of materials.

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