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PET anilox protective film manufacturers talk about the maintenance of anilox rollers (2)

by:Skypro     2021-04-17
Last issue of PET anilox protective film manufacturers have already told you how to clean the anilox roller, the theme of this issue is how to maintain the PET anilox protective film anilox roller.

(1) In the daily production process, if there is a shutdown, the anilox roller should not stop running, otherwise the adhesive on the anilox roller exposed to the air will be in the mesh cavity [cut], and The adhesive will not melt again, causing the anilox roll to become clogged.

(2) The anilox roll after getting off the machine should be packed with film and blanket to prevent collision.

(3) During the use of the anilox roller, the anilox roller will continue to wear, the mesh wall gradually thickens and widens, and the mesh depth becomes shallower, resulting in insufficient glue application. Therefore, the screen roll should be re-plated or re-engraved after a period of use.

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