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PET anilox protective film manufacturers talk about how to control coating uniformity (3)

by:Skypro     2021-04-07

There are many basic factors for the uniformity of PET anilox protective film coating, including operators, machines, materials, methods, and rings, but the basic factors are several conditions directly related to the coating process: coating Substrate, glue, coated steel roller/coating roller and laminating machine, etc. In the previous issues, I have introduced the effects of machines and rubber rollers on coating uniformity and solutions. This time, the source manufacturer of PET protective film focused on the control of the amount of glue applied to the solvent-free laminating machine.

Control of the amount of glue applied to the solvent-free laminating machine

The control mechanism and structure of the amount of glue applied to the solvent-free laminating machine affect the longitudinal coating. A very important but often overlooked factor of glue uniformity. The control method of sizing amount adjustment will seriously affect the control accuracy of sizing amount and its response speed. For example, modern solvent-free laminating machines generally use a multi-roll transfer coating method to control the coating amount through speed differences. However, some machines control the coating amount by adjusting the metering interval. The reaction speed of the system is usually very slow, and the accuracy and uniformity of the coating are very low.

The gluing system of some solvent-free laminating machines cannot continuously or arbitrarily set the gluing width, or the gluing width is inconsistent with the gluing width, so there is a certain amount of glue in the glue tank. Glue dead corner (area near the rubber block). After long-term operation, the adhesive concentration in the area near the adhesion block will increase or become white, thereby reducing the transfer rate of the local (edge) adhesive, directly affecting the transfer uniformity. Therefore, the amount of glue applied locally is lower, and usually the amount of glue applied at the edges is lower than in the middle area. This kind of unevenness is very special, the appearance is mainly horizontal unevenness, but it is caused by continuous operation, and it will be repeated according to the time of adding glue. Therefore, attention should be paid to choosing a compound machine with reasonable coating amount control and arbitrary setting of glue width. In the long-term continuous production, the influence of environmental factors will be obvious. Changes in relative humidity and temperature will affect the coating state of the adhesive to a certain extent.

In short, only the horizontal and vertical uniformity can be guaranteed, the overall uniformity of the coating can be achieved. In contrast, the uniformity of the coating width direction is usually affected by the machine itself. However, in long-term or mass production, the uniformity in the length direction will be affected by more factors, and its uniformity is more difficult to control than the width direction.

Of course, from the observation of different time periods in the short-term, mid-term and long-term, the main factors affecting the unevenness of the coating will be different, and corresponding measures must be taken according to different situations.

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