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PET anilox protective film manufacturers talk about how to control coating uniformity (2)

by:Skypro     2021-04-07

The longitudinal uniformity of PET protective film coating is the uniformity along the substrate feeding direction. Depends on many factors, including:

1) the type of substrate, surface quality and consistency;

2) the operating speed of the machine, the number and frequency of the machine's speed up and down;


3) The viscosity of the adhesive, especially the consistency of the viscosity during long-term operation;

4) The quality of the rubber roller, especially the elasticity, wear resistance and heat resistance of the rubber roller ;

5) The control mechanism and structure of the glue amount of the solvent-free laminating machine;

6) The structure of the glue dispensing system of the laminating machine, etc.;

7) Environmental factors, etc.

Machine operation control

1. Machine operation speed

Under normal circumstances, when the machine runs at a stable speed, the transfer of adhesive The speed is the same, so the uniformity of the glue is basically the same. However, when the machine accelerates or decelerates, the transfer rate of the adhesive will change slightly, sometimes even significantly, which affects the uniformity of the coating. Therefore, the machine must be pre-treated in the design program to reduce the impact of frequent startup or lifting speed on the uniformity of the coating.

2. Machine downtime

The length of the machine downtime will also affect the viscosity of the adhesive in the glue tank and on the steel roller of the coating rubber roller. Possibility to affect the uniformity of glue application. Therefore, we must pay attention to control the downtime to prevent the adhesive viscosity from being too high.

The influence of the quality of the rubber roller

The pressure of the steel roller and the rubber roller will not only produce bending deformation and extrusion deformation, but also Will produce thermal deformation. These deformations usually affect the pressure conditions and contact width of the contact area, which will affect the transfer rate and coating uniformity to a certain extent. The impact of rubber roller material and hardness on coating uniformity is sometimes very obvious. Therefore, the influence of these deformations must be fully considered in the design of the machine, especially the design and selection of high-quality and durable rubber rollers.

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