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PET anilox protective film manufacturers talk about how to control coating uniformity (1)

by:Skypro     2021-04-17
The uniformity of PET anilox protective film coating process in the width direction is mainly affected by the following factors:

1) Steel The shape and position tolerance of rollers and rubber rollers.

2) Relative to the contact pressure between the steel pipe and the substrate.

3) The lateral distribution of the adhesive, which mainly refers to the viscosity of the adhesive and the corresponding transfer rate. It is mainly determined by the combination of the first two factors and its working viscosity.

The first benchmark to ensure the accuracy of the coating is the shape and position tolerance of the steel roll and its stiffness.

During operation, the shape and position tolerance, rigidity, balance accuracy, assembly accuracy and built-in heating and heat preservation system of the steel roll directly affect the state of the adhesive, thereby affecting the transfer rate and coating uniformity. Therefore, the design and selection of high-precision, good wear resistance steel rollers is a basic task.

For rubber rollers, especially rubber rollers, the coating is the first influencing factor or variable of the lateral uniformity of the coating. Rubber roller material, shape and position tolerance, rigidity, adhesive layer hardness, rubber roller, dynamic balance of rubber roller support structure, pressure adjustment, etc. It will obviously affect the uniformity of the coating. As a slender shaft, the rigidity of the rubber roller is the most obvious factor. From the perspective of use, the cleanliness of the rubber roller surface is also an important variable that affects the uniformity of the rubber roller coating during the production process. Therefore, the quality and maintenance of rubber rollers should be carefully controlled.

It can be seen from the above analysis that the wider the substrate or coating width, the more difficult it is to ensure the uniformity of the coating. When the coating width reaches a certain value, the uniformity of the coating will become the primary challenge to the accuracy of the entire solvent-free laminating machine.

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