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PET acrylic protective film

by:Skypro     2021-04-14
1. Product composition of PET acrylic protective film: This type of protective film is made of PET film or polypropylene plastic film as the basic material, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive and glue. 2. PET acrylic protective film product characteristics: 1. This kind of product has suitable bonding strength to various pasted metals, plastics, glass, etc., and has good retention performance; 2. There are many types of viscosity, and the surface of the protective film is smooth and flat; 3. Good weather resistance, heat resistance and acid resistance. 3. Application areas of PET acrylic protective film: 1. Surface protection during product transportation; 2. Die cutting protection and reposting of various metal plastic films; 3. Protection of various plastic casings, keyboards and other plastic parts; 4. Die-cutting carriers of various plastic films and tapes, reposting and waste disposal; 5. Different adhesiveness of the protective film, which can be used as support carriers for foam die-cutting of different thickness; 6. Temporary transfer and fixation of electronic products.

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