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PET acrylic protective film, price concessions from source manufacturers!

by:Skypro     2021-04-11
The processed material of the PET acrylic protective film is processed with a special pet protective film material, which uses acrylic acid as the adhesive and then uses a special additive. The processed product has good softness and stickiness. Different materials can be selected from different specifications and models on its surface. The high temperature resistance of the product is actually a relatively broad concept. The product can also be used as a waste discharge protection medium in the production process. The source manufacturer of PET protective film, tell you what are the characteristics of this product!

1. We use this product to have a good anti-aging effect.

2. When the product is used outdoors, it can prevent months of ultraviolet radiation.

3. It is easy to tear off when using, there will be no residual glue when the product is peeled off.

4. Good products can always protect the surface of different products from harm, so as to avoid losses in the production process and expensive maintenance costs for re-decoration.

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