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Oil-resistant rubber sheet related introduction

by:Skypro     2021-04-01

Introduction to oil-resistant rubber sheet. Oil-resistant rubber sheet is mainly made of nitrile rubber plus reinforcing agent and filler vulcanization. The oil resistance of the oil-resistant rubber sheet is determined by the quality of the nitrile rubber and the content of nitrile in the rubber sheet. The better the quality of the nitrile rubber and the higher the content of the nitrile rubber, the higher the oil resistance of the oil-resistant rubber sheet.

The national standard for industrial rubber sheets divides oil-resistant rubber sheets into three categories: A-type oil-resistant, B-type oil-resistant, and C-type oil-resistant three types.

Class A oil-resistant rubber sheet has low oil resistance and cannot be operated in oil medium. The price is relatively cheap. It can only be used in some places with low oil resistance; it is mainly used for some workbenches, grounds, and electronics that touch grease. Laying of places for similar products.

Type B oil-resistant rubber sheet has a medium degree of oil resistance. It can work in certain oils (motor oil, lubricating oil, vegetable oil) and has the characteristics of good sealing. It is mainly used for punching various oil-resistant oil seals and seals. , Circles and workbenches that touch grease, on the ground, and laying for long-term use of electronic products.

C-type oil-resistant rubber sheet is a high-purity nitrile rubber sheet. Its oil resistance is the best in the composition of the rubber sheet, and the price is more expensive. It can work for a long time under high temperature in the medium (oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil), with sealing and anti-swelling properties; it is mainly used for punching various high-performance oil-resistant oil seals, seals and rings, which can be used as Sealing of oil tanks and oil pipelines.

Because of the elements of the quotation and the unevenness of the actual application needs of customers, our company has developed and produced different types of oil-resistant rubber sheets for customers to choose according to different needs; details can be called for an overview.

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