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OCA Optical Adhesive PET Mesh Protective Film

by:Skypro     2021-04-21
OCA Optical Adhesive PET mesh protective film is made of PET substrate after antistatic treatment and then coated with glue. Some optical glues do not need to be coated with antistatic layer, so they can also be customized according to customer needs.

Among them, the PET mesh protective film can be used in the optoelectronic industry such as panel protection, diffuser, polarizer, etc., to achieve the protective effect of optoelectronic products in the production process, and prevent the pollution and damage of electronic products during the production process.

The thickness of the PET grid protective film is customized according to the customer's product. The ordinary optical glue can be used to a thickness of 38~100um±5um, and the thickness of the glue is 5~20um±5um. If you need to do antistatic treatment, Then the resistance of the rubber surface needs to reach 10^6~10^9, and the measurement environment needs to maintain 50% humidity and 25°C temperature.

In the process of using the PET mesh protective film, it is necessary to ensure that the object to be attached is clean and pollution-free, and to ensure that it is fully attached after lamination.

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