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Is the hardness of the rubber conveyor belt important?

by:Skypro     2021-04-05

  Some customers will ask about the hardness of the rubber conveyor belt. What kind of rubber conveyor belt can convey what kind of material can meet the general material transportation. Unless it is a technician from a large factory to fill in this information, the rest Foreign customers will request complete information. So, is the hardness of this rubber belt really important?

The hardness of    rubber conveyor belt is related to the degree of wear. Normal hardness is between 50-70. So, is the harder the better? Obviously not, it still needs to be determined according to the requirements of the rubber belt and the materials to be delivered.

   If the materials to be transported are stone, sand, coal, hard materials, etc., a harder and better material is also needed, because the hardness is higher, the service life is longer, and the wear resistance is stronger.

   If it is a temperature-resistant material with sharp corners, it needs to be softer, so as to cushion the impact on the tape, and softness means better thermal expansion and contraction performance. Longer service life. Conveyor belt damage has many adverse effects on the safe operation of the conveyor belt, and even causes personal injury. In order to prevent this from happening, rubber conveyor belt manufacturers remind everyone to take preventive measures against conveyor belt damage at ordinary times.

   1. Replace the coal machine's discharge port with a discharge hopper, increase buffering, and tilt it at a certain angle, so that it will not directly hit the conveyor belt.

  2, the operator can operate independently, and has been trained before the official start.

  3. Let the inspectors and maintenance workers earnestly inspect, replace the rollers that are about to break or rotate inflexibly with new rollers in time, learn the method of deviation adjustment, and replace them in time if they find bad rollers.

  4. In order to avoid the gangue from getting stuck or falling between the idler and the return conveyor belt, the guide troughs and conveyor belts at all coal falling locations are lengthened, and 3-5 ITI net guides are added. Material protection net.

  5. Weld several brackets on the roller frame to strengthen, and repair each welding port to improve the strength of the roller frame. Add an ear hook above the mounting groove of the roller frame to hold the roller Fix it to prevent the roller from falling.

  6. Large pieces of coal gangue cannot be carried on the conveyor belt. Strengthen the management of the coal mining face. During use, the supporting roller will not be smashed down, and the supporting roller frame is not damaged, which effectively protects the conveyor belt.

  7. Add 2 idlers for each idler in the recesses of all rubber conveyor belt roadways to reduce the span of idlers and increase the density of idlers, so that the conveyor belt will not drop coal in the hollows.

   8. Strengthen the daily maintenance, maintenance and inspection of the belt conveyor safety protection device.

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