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Introduction to the production process of non-slip rubber sheet

by:Skypro     2021-04-01

First of all, we need to know that the non-slip rubber sheet needs to go through a careful operation process in the production process. Only after a specific vulcanization process can the quality of the rubber sheet be guaranteed. Vulcanization is one of the main processes in the processing of rubber products. Under the conditions of heating or irradiation, the raw rubber in the rubber compound chemically reacts with the vulcanizer, so that the rubber is cross-linked by linear macromolecules into a three-dimensional network structure. This process is called vulcanization, which leads to the obvious improvement of the physical and mechanical properties and other properties of the rubber compound.

Modern technology is constantly evolving and changing, and chemical technology is also showing characteristics of ever-changing. The vulcanization process is processed and manufactured in terms of quality based on the use of chemical reactions, and it is increasingly playing a huge role in the industrial and mining industry. Vulcanization machine and high temperature are no longer necessary conditions for vulcanization. Some compounds can be vulcanized at lower temperatures or even at room temperature. Some compounds can be vulcanized by physical methods such as γ-ray crosslinking. Need vulcanizing agent. This generally occurs between the reinforcing fine particle filler and the rubber.

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