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Introduction of acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet

by:Skypro     2021-03-31

Acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, the hardness of this kind of board is medium, the hardness value is 70 Shore: the tensile strength is 9Mpa; the acid and alkali resistance, can be in the 20% acid and alkali liquid medium at the temperature of -30~60℃ Work; used to punch gaskets with better sealing performance. The use of rubber sheets is an indispensable part of our work.

Performance of acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet: It has strong media resistance and corrosion resistance in acid and alkali environments; Product use: punched into various seals and gaskets for acid and alkali corrosion , The pipeline of chemical enterprises, storage and sealing protection, the laying of the workbench table in the laboratory; products with special specifications and technical requirements can be customized according to customer requirements; packaging methods: woven bags, plastic film bags, according to weight or Length packaging. White use: Used for low acid-base concentration. With the rapid development of the construction industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of the rubber products industry is becoming more and more extensive.

The mixing process of the compounding agent such as carbon black and the raw rubber in the series of rubber sheet products such as heat-resistant rubber sheet is actually the process of evenly dispersing the compounding agent in the raw rubber of the belt. Due to the high viscosity of the raw rubber, it is To mix the compounding agent into the raw rubber and uniformly mix and disperse it, it must be mixed with the help of the strong mechanical action of the rubber mixer of the conveyor belt manufacturer. During the mixing process of the granular compounding agent and the rubber, the surface of the particles It must be completely surrounded and wetted by the rubber, so the flowability of the rubber obviously plays an important role in the mixing. The lower the viscosity of the rubber, the better the wettability of the compounding agent and the easier the mixing. But on the other hand From a point of view, the compounding agent of the fine particles of the tape exists in the form of agglomerates. For example, carbon black is granulated into a kind of agglomerate. This agglomerate is composed of a large number of particles. The compounding agent agglomerates are mixed in The rubber needs to be torn apart in order to achieve the purpose of fine dispersion. This requires the rubber of the industrial conveyor belt to have a higher viscosity, so that a larger shear force can be generated during the mixing process to pull apart the aggregation of the compounding particles. Therefore, in order to meet these two contradictory requirements, it is very important to correctly choose the plasticity characteristic standard and mixing temperature of ordinary heat-resistant rubber sheet rubber. In addition, although from an ideal state, the ultimate goal of mixing is to completely separate each particle in the high-strength canvas rubber tape filler in a disorderly dispersed state, but this ideal state is actually impossible to achieve. With the extension of the mixing time, the performance improved by the further dispersion of the compounding agent particles will have the opposite effect caused by the degradation of the rubber. The mixing time corresponding to the equilibrium point is the most suitable for obtaining the best physical and mechanical properties. If the mixing time exceeds this point, the dispersion of particles will not have much effect.

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